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Meet the Plowboys!

The Gospel Plowboys are a bluegrass gospel group that is dedicated to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and His saving grace. It is by His shed blood that we are saved. We dress in denim bib overalls, white shirts and red ties. These are the colors of Old Glory of course, but it goes further than that. It is in tribute to the 30’s that we do this. Bluegrass style music was just becoming popular. Our great country had terrible problems, much as it has now! Our country prospered and grew back then. The difference from then and now is that we loved God then, and were willing to put Him first. That just is not the case now. WE MUST GET BACK TO LOVING GOD AND PUTTING HIM FIRST!!! The group has standards that each member must adhere to. They must be born again Christians. This is first and foremost. They have to know who and what they are singing about. They must attend church, and maintain a neat appearance. Though we strive hard to have great musicianship as well as great three and four part harmonies, it all really comes down to this – good Christian first, good musician second. It is our prayer that we can position ourselves where God can use us to touch others. We desire your prayers as we try our best to fulfill our motto: “Plowing the ground, planting the seed….that Christ died for you.”

God Bless, 

The Gospel Plowboys

 David Murph - Our Band Founder


Michael Jenkins

Lead Singer & Lead Guitar

An original founding member of The Gospel Plowboys, Michael Jenkins sings lead and is the band’s guitarist.

Originally from a small coal mining town in Whitesville West Virginia, Michael was raised in church and accepted Jesus into his heart at a young age. He has been told that he inherited his love for Bluegrass music from his Grandfather and Great Grandfather Jenkins. His musical background comes from time spent in the school band, and singing in the church choir.

Michael now calls North Carolina home. In May of 2001 he rededicated his life to serving Christ and joined a local church. It was there he began singing and playing in churches and sharing the word through song. Since that time he has played and sang with several local Bluegrass gospel groups. In August of 2012 Michael was approached by David Murph about forming The Gospel Plowboys. Michael accepted David’s offer and they immediately began working on instrumentation, and even more so, harmony and vocals.

“Everyone loves a good upbeat instrumental song, but a song with lyrics is different. It tells a story. It tells about what Jesus has done for you, tells about where he brought you from” says Michael.

Michael counts it an honor to be able to use his musical talent for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. In his spare time, Michael is an avid deer hunter and loves spending time with his family. He and his wife Chrissy currently reside in Concord, NC and have two daughters, McKenzee and Kelsee.

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Kris Miller

Singer & Guitar

Kris Miller was born May 3,1978 in Salisbury N.C. Kris has been around gospel music from birth. His grandparents and his parents were musicians and singers.

When Kris was a teenager a friend of his, Randy Shoemaker introduced him to bluegrass gospel. Kris fell in love with the sound and the stories that this music tells about Jesus. Many years later David Murph approached Kris about singing with the gospel plowboys. Kris had never dreamed about singing outside of Church, so this was a shock. With David’s prodding and much prayer. Kris joined the gospel plowboys in 2014.

God has blessed Kris with a fine family.

He is happily married to a South Carolina girl, Courtney, and they have a son named Judah.

Kris wishes to spread the gospel of Jesus. Sharing that Jesus love and forgiveness can conquer any sin, hurt, or shame.

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Peden Williams


Peden Williams was born in Bucharest, Romania in 1997. He was adopted as a baby and has lived in Concord, North Carolina ever since. Peden was born again in the summer of 2014 when he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior.  

In 2014, Peden was introduced to Bluegrass music through a small radio station that would play the traditional greats like Bill Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, and The Stanley Brothers. He immediately fell in love with the sound of the banjo, and the drive that it has in a bluegrass song. 

In Early 2015, Peden attended his first bluegrass jam session at the E.H Montgomery General Store in Gold Hill, N.C. This was the first time he saw someone play a banjo in person. Soon after, his grandpa bought him his first banjo. Peden then began taking lessons with Ronnie Hatley at Ron’s Pickin’ Parlor in Stanfield, NC. 

In the spring of 2015, Peden saw a bluegrass band preform for the first time at Oak Ridge Baptist Church in Concord, NC. This band was The Gospel Plowboys. Ever since then , Peden has always been a huge fan of The Gospel Plowboys and their ministry. 

Peden joined the band in the fall of 2021. He stressed, “It’s a blessing to be able to join this great ministry of spreading God’s word through music! I’m so thankful that God gave me this talent and I get to use it to glorify Him! Following in the footsteps of John Goodson, and Charles Honeycutt, is very humbling. I’ve always been a fan of The Gospel Plowboys, and it’s a privilege to honor the late David Murph and the late John Goodson by continuing the mission that they started!”

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Daniel Schronce

Singer & Mandolin

Daniel Schronce was born in Hickory, NC in 1998. He was born again as a young boy in 2009 while in the 4th grade. Daniel was raised up on bluegrass music. His father and mother would always have a Doyle Lawson, Mountain Heart, or Lost and Found CD playing in the car.

When Daniel was in his teens, a group of friends at his church started learning guitar and playing bluegrass gospel music. Wanting to fit in, but be different, Daniel decided to try to learn on a cheap mandolin that his dad had stashed away. First learning the basic chords on YouTube, Daniel then progressed and started taking some formal lessons. Daniel soon taught himself how to play the guitar and bass. Most of Daniel’s learning experience came from playing at local jams on Monday Nights in Troutman, NC, and on Friday evenings at the Hardees in Conover, NC.

Daniel has played in a few bands prior to The Gospel Plowboys. These bands include Roundup, Carolina Divide, and Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa. Daniel first saw The Gospel Plowboys at a festival hosted by Wayne Taylor at Maiden Highschool in Maiden, NC. The way that they dressed just appealed to him. He has always been a fan of wearing overalls.

Daniel joined the band in the spring of 2023. He says, “It has been a prayer of mine for a while to use my musical abilities for the Lord. It’s a major honor and a blessing to use these abilities with The Gospel Plowboys. I’m excited to see how the Lord will lead me in my future, both in my personal life, and with the band.”

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Alec McCallister


Alec was born March 17, 2001 to Paul and Joy. He was saved at an early age in a little church in Statesville, NC. He always enjoyed music and as a child he would hum songs he heard in church. He received his first violin as a birthday gift and began taking lessons at 8 years old. However, he did not love playing the violin until he began taking “fiddle” lessons from Mr. Sam Childs. When asked what is the difference between a violin and a fiddle he says “the violin sings, the fiddle dances.”
He is thankful that God opened up the opportunity to play with the Plowboys, not only because of their music, but because of their purpose, to share the truth of God with others and never changing that no matter where they may go.
God has used this group in his life through the wonderful friendships of each member of the band and giving him the opportunity to step outside himself and realize that this is not about “me”, but about playing for, and doing all we do for the glory of God.
Alec currently resides in Mocksville, NC.

David Brown

Singer & Bass

David Brown was born Oct. 27, 1957 in Rowan co. North Carolina. In early 1982 he was born again, this time into the family of God. The Lord has blessed David in many ways. He has a beautiful wife and three children, all of which know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They also have two grandsons. God has blessed his family with the ability to sing and play instruments, and it is his desire to take these gifts and talents that God has given and use them to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and reach lost souls for Him.

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